Personal Inventory

“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the 

future nor indict the past.  The prudent heir takes

careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful

accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.”

John F. Kennedy

Our first obligation of trust begins with us.  We must carefully consider what our current status of legacy building really is and what elements are already at play.  See, everyone is building a legacy.  Whether we like it or not there is no pause to our story – it plays on and on and on.

So, how do we become stories worth reading to our children’s children?

It all begins with purpose.  The clarity of defining where we’ve been and where we will be going with what tools we’ve been given for the journey.  All good business meetings begin with an “agenda” and great lives are lived with clarity of purpose.

Incrementalism will be our friend as we travel down Purpose Avenue.  With each revelation will come moments of triumph and moments of defeat.  We must not shy away from honestly looking into our lives and taking a personal inventory.

I am a journal girl, so my inventory is going to take place in my 2014 journal.  Here are some questions I will be considering…(would love for you to join me)

How have people described me as a small child?  What kind of attributes are synonymous with me?

Does the descriptions given about me as a child match up with how I was feeling on the inside?

Think of twelve or more adjectives that seem to fit.

Have those twelve adjectives always been the same or did I change as I grew older?  Was it drastic or just a maturing process?

What life events are pretty unique to me?  What obvious effects did they have on me?

What do I do well, but don’t like doing?  And, what do I do well and love doing?

What kinds of activities have I consistently done throughout my life?  

What types of thoughts have dominated my head most my life?  Am I a dreamer or an anxious-ridden soul waiting on a tragedy?  Where’s my head?

What do I like about me?

What do I do, but absolutely hate that I do?

What kind of box do my peers typically put me in?  Do I actually fit in it?

Where do I get most of my needs met?  Who are some of my go-to people and why?

After I answer these questions, I am gonna look over it and make a list of tools that I already have in my proverbial toolbox.  This will help me to know what I already have to work with in my life.  This will be my step one toward clarifying my purpose.

Hmmm…a bit nervous about the inquiry.