Lies are hard to extract from our lives.  They have usually been woven in so subtly throughout the fibers of our lives that their threads are hard to distinguish between those of our real inner being.  Lies typically are not full-blooded.  It is the partial truth in them that make them so believable.

I’m a stubborn woman.  Believing this statement has made me feel really bad about myself.  Sometimes I try to overcompensate for this belief by being a people-pleaser or over accommodating.  Although part of this statement is true, there is an element that is not true. Many times my stubbornness is resolution.  I am a woman who lives with strong convictions.

The importance of identifying lies in your life that have been woven into your thread of understanding of yourself is critical.  “We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are” (Anais Nin).  Our view of ourselves and the beliefs spoken to us in our core create the very lens in which we deal and see the people and circumstances around us.

What if you had three flights to take to get to your destination and all three of those flights flew just slightly off a degree or two from the original course, would you end up at your perceived destination?