What if?

What if?  No, really, what if?  What if you could resolve to do anything in 2015 and what if it might happen?

We are fearful.  Fearful to dream.  Fearful of desire.  We are fearful.  But, what if we weren’t?

What would you dream about?  What would you actually hope would happen?  And, what if it actually did happen?

For once, I beg you…no, implore you…dream.  Take a minute today, in light of a new year, and dream without limits. What do you want?  Go for it.

For those of you led by God’s Spirit, ask Him what you were meant to achieve this 2015 – I double dog dare you!

Let me burst your safety bubble.  There is no safety bubble.  Dream.  Live.  If not now, when?  You can’t control tomorrow, but you can dream about it.

The fourth grader in me that is really living knows one thing…dreams aren’t an opportunity for disappointment. No, dreams are the hope of tomorrow.  Believing that you’ve been created to leave a legacy that only you can leave makes the here and now beautiful.  Like all of God’s creation, you are beautiful.  Now, believe it!